Atmospheric Pressure Mass Spectrometry


Soft Ionisation by Chemical Reaction in Transfer (SICRIT®), a new source from Plasmion GmbH. We are the UK and French distributors for this versatile soft ionsiation ambient source. It requires no carrier gas such as helium and can be coupled to a variety of existing laboratory instruments such as GC, SPME, TGA and CE to name a few. The soft ionisation produces very simple spectra even from complex mixtures. The conventional ESI source on your LC-MS is exchanged in minutes with the SICRIT® source.  See an overview of SICRIT and its applications here.

Advantages of SICRIT®

  • High sensitivity - sub PPT
  • Provides an upgrade path for older instruments
  • Direct screening and quantification
  • Can be combined with GC, HPLC, SPME and TGA
  • Can be used in series with ESI or APCI
  • Robust operation 
  • No noble gases needed
  • Ionises a wide range of compounds - including perfluorinated alkanes
  • Soft ionisation = easy to interpret spectra
  • Low purchase and maintenance costs