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MALDI Imaging

Add AP-MALDI to your LC-MS instrument and perform Mass Spec Imaging ( MSI) at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated MALDI Mass Spectrometer. The MassTech AP-MALDI source can be added to Thermo, Agilent, AB-Sciex LC-MS instruments to give you MALDI imaging capability. Using optical fibres to transmit the laser beam directly onto the sample mounted on an X-Y stage, any sample mounted on theplate holder can be 'scanned'. The resulting data can be visual represented in various proprietary and public domain packages.

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Tissue Imaging

The data to the left was produced using an AP-MALDI / Orbitrap MS imaging experiment performed by Dr. Gilles Frache, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology / Materials research and Technology (MRT). The mouse brain was obtained through the courtesy of Dr. M. Buttini, Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine". The tissue was imaged using a 250 micron fibre at an instrument resolution of 60,000 and the whole aquisition took under 90 minutes

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