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Laboratory Noise Reduction

Problematic noise levels in mass spectrometry are often due to the use of vacuum pumps. These are usually the most significant source of noise in the laboratory. The presence of several pumps in the laboratory can lead to an unacceptable level of noise which can be difficult to work with on a permanent basis. We offer a series of sound reducing boxes which are easily installed to remove much of the noise associated with these pumps.

These boxes have more safety features than other noise reducing boxes. Other boxes simply sound an alarm if the unit starts to overheat, our boxes can be fitted with auxillary fans which will activate if an over-heat occurs, thus ensuring that the pump and box are always kept a safe temperature. Telemetry sensors can be fitted which will notify you remotely that an over-heat has occured, so it can be quickly investigated.

Available for pumps from Edwards, Leybold,Varian, Pfeiffer and many others, ask us about your model.

Double pump box

Suitable for 2 x Edwards28 pumps, note back up fans and LED for remote alarm

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Noise reduction solutions


  • Reduce pump noise by 17dB(a) - typically down to 59dB(a) for an Edwards large rotary pump, this is the same as normal conversation levels
  • Install without any mass spec down time
  • Integral fans maintain vacuum pump at optimal temperature
  • Optional auxillary fans start up if box goes over temperature
  • Remote alarm capability to notify you in your office of any over temperature events
  • Compatible with most common LC-MS pumps
  • Double pump boxes and triple pump units available
  • Standard boxes include Integral oil pan with wheels for easy access for service/maintenance
  • Flat-pack delivery - can be assembled in 5 minutes, no tools required

Triple pump box

NRU3 Noise reducing box for 3 pumps, note auxillary fans on top row for extra over-heat protection

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