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Organics on Surfaces

Both DART and AP-MALDI can be used to analyse organic molecules on the surface of materials. Traditionally this has been performed using expensive surface analysis techniques such as ToF-SIMS or XPS. As they are open, atmospheric sources, DART and AP-MALDI are ideal for examining the surfaces of unusual shaped objects or materials.

The surface of unusual shaped objects can be analysed by DART

The surface of unusual shaped objects can be analysed by DART

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DART in the automotive industry

We have customers in the automotive industry who examine the components that go into the interior of cars to ensure that organic volatiles are at the permissible levels to maintain the high indoor air quality in their vehicles. These can be samples as diverse as moulded plastics and polymers, fabrics that form part of the seating and rubbers used in cable shrouding. The X-Y scanner enables large flat samples to be examined in a short time.

Companies who make lubricants for engines are interested to see how engine components are affected by any lubricants residues that may occur after long term use. The open source format of DART enables the surface of irregular shaped objects to be analysed directly. See the image to the left for an example of this.

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