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ASAP and AP-MALDI in Food applications.

Mass Spectrometry is used in all aspects of the food chain, from QC of raw materials such as basic ingredients and packaging integrity. In product development, mass spectrometry can be used to profile products, make competitive analyses. Food safety analyses may be looking to detect contaminants and spoilage whether these may be deliberate or naturally occuring, obtaining results in a few seconds with little or no sample preparation is the main advantage of ASAP.

ASAP applications in food

Orange peel analysis


ASAP analysis of Catnip

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Detect pathogens rapidly

Detect pathogens rapidly

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Rapid microbial identification using AP-MALDI Ion-Trap

In food spoilage or deliberate contamination scenarios, the rapid identification of potentially harmful pathogens in food products is key to the safeguarding of the food chain. MassTech Inc. have developed a field deployable ion-trap mass spectrometer which, when coupled with atmospheric pressure MALDI, can rapidly identify pathogens without the need for overnight culture in a lab. See the applications note Rapid identification of microorganisms using AP-MALDI ion-trap mass spectrometry here.

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