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Chemyx High performance pumps

When the application is more demanding in terms of dynamic range of flow rates, requires large volume infusion, or needs to pump against high back pressures then the Fusion 4000 and 6000 pumps are the ones to choose. The Fusion 4000 has dual motors allowing different flow rates from the same pump. With a colour touch screen and a simple, easy to understand user interface, these are some of the most sophisticated yet affordable pumps on the market

Dual motor pump

The most versatile pump on the market

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Fusion 4000

The Fusion 4000 syringe pump is configured with two independently controlled precision syringe pump channels with programmable step-rate functionality making it one of the most unique and advanced systems on the market. This system allows for complex dual rate, push-pull and oscillatory flow requirements for difficult research applications. With an all-glass touch screen interface and machined metal design, the Fusion programmable syringe pumps are chemical resistant and have high superior-durability for lab environments of all types.

  • 2 independant pump channels
  • Holds syringes from 0.5µL to 60mL
  • Rates from 1.6 pL/min to 102 mL/min
  • Control via touch screen, USB, RS232, TTL
  • Pushing force 65lbs ( 29.5Kg)
  • Step resolution 0.0293 µm/step
  • Dimensions 11 x 12 x 4.9 inches (28 x 31 x 13 cm)
  • Weight 4.5Kg

High force pump

temperature & pressure control

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Fusion 6000 High Force Pump

The Fusion 6000 high-pressure syringe pump is designed for dosing viscous solutions, and semi-solid material injections against pressure. This system allows also for both heated syringe temperature control and pressure modulation while providing precision flow and performance that are critical to experimental success. The Fusion 6000 high-pressure syringe pump accommodates difficult pressure chemistry and petrochemical research application, with the ability to control pressure and temperature against pressure addition or high viscosity slurries with microfluidic precision. Backed by a 2-year warranty, you can have the confidence of reliability and precision for years of service.

  • High-pressure applications
  • Single syringe infuse and withdraw
  • Syringe sizes from 0.5µL to 200ml ( Chemyx stainless steel syringe)
  • Minimum flow rate 0.0001 μL/min (with 0.5μL syringe)
  • Maximum flow rate 423 mL/min (with 225mL syringe)
  • Linear Force 500lb (227kg)
  • Dimensions 11 x 10 x 6.9 inches (28 x 26 x 14 cm)
  • Weight 5.9Kg
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