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Chemyx Fusion Touch syringe pumps

The Fusion Touch series pumps are a simple-to-use solution for infusing fluids. The LCD user interface found on all Chemyx pumps is informative and intuitive to use. Every pump can be controlled from a PC via the standard RS232 connection. Recently upgraded to include a Touch screen for parameter input as well as multi-step programming via the screen or keypad as standard.

Alternatively, there is optional software to enable multiple loops of gradients, start, stop and hold times to program any combination of flow rates for your experiments. We deliver pumps to all EU countries within 5 working days.

Fusion 100 Touch infuse only pump

Our entry level, lowest cost pump

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Fusion 100 Touch, Dual syringe Infusion only pump

The Fusion 100 is a high-performance low-cost syringe pump designed for use in synthetic chemistry, electrospinning, drug infusion, ESI microliter injections and many other applications


  • The entry-level product with more features than most other single syringe pumps at lower cost
  • Dual syringe 0.5 µl to 60 ml capacity
  • Maximum flow-rate up to 90 ml/min (60 ml syringe)
  • Minimum flow 0.001 µl/hour
  • RS232 connection
  • 29 lbs linear force
  • Connect 2 pumps together for a low cost, dual rate pumping system with small footprint

Dual syringe Fusion 200 Touch

Fusion 200, infuse and withdraw pump

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Fusion 200

Fusion 200 with multi-syringe rack

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Fusion 200 Touch Infusion pump

The Fusion 200 is a modular syringe pump with midrange sensitivities to handle wide ranging applications from microfluidics to synthetic chemistry.


  • Dual syringe 0.5 µl to 60 ml capacity
  • Add an optional syringe clamp to enable withdrawal as well as infusion
  • Add a multi-syringe rack to hold up to 10 syringes ( max 10ml volume each)
  • Maximum flow rate of 45 ml/min (60 ml syringe)
  • Minimum flow 0.001 µl/hour
  • Touch screen for parameter input
  • Multi-step programming as standard
  • RS232 connection
  • 50 lbs linear force
  • Dimensions 16 x 24 x 7.5 cm
  • Weight 3.1 Kg
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