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The DART-SVP Source

The DART-SVP Source

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  • The simplest sampling procedure. There are a variety of sample holders to automatically move or hold the sample in front of the gas stream and acquire spectra
  • No sample preparation is necessary. Solids, liquids and vapours can be analysed as seen
  • No reagents or solvents are required. The only variable is the temperature of the gas stream. Once the correct temperature is achieved, spectra are produced instantaneously.
  • Because there are no reagents, there are no background ions so everything detected originates in the sample
  • DART can be fitted to most mass spectrometers with an ESI or APCI source including Thermo-Finnigan, Agilent, Bruker, ABI, Waters and now the Shimadzu 2020 and 8000 series LC/MS instruments

DART-SVP see the flexible sampling options

Examples of applications of DART technique

Melamine in liquid milk

LOD approx 70ppb of melamine in raw milk run using DART-SVP on Thermo Exactive

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Tylenol Daytime tablet run at 350 degC

DART in pharmaceutical analysis

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DART video

View our video on DART

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To date, DART has been used successfully to solve many real problems extremely rapidly.

Applications Include

  • Competitive Analysis and Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals
  • PAT
  • Reaction monitoring
  • Food Analysis
  • QC of active ingredients
  • Rapid Analysis of LC Fractions
  • Forensics
  • Polymers & Packaging
  • Odour Investigations

As DART is such a flexible technique, new applications are discovered continually. A catalogue of these can be found on

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