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Atmospheric Pressure Mass Spectrometry

MALDI Atmospheric Pressure Mass Spectrometry

The MassTech™ Atmospheric-Pressure Matrix-Assisted Laser-Desorption Ionisation (AP-MALDI) source enables mass spectrometers fitted with an electrospray or nanospray source to have the additional capability of MALDI. It is called AP-MALDI because, unlike vacuum MALDI, ionisation takes place under atmospheric conditions. This provides several important advantages including convenience, speed of analysis, simplicity of operation and cost

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AP-MALDI source

AP-MALDI source on a Thermo LTQ-FTMS

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Data from AP-MALDI source

BSA digest spectrum from AP-MALDI fitted onto Thermo LTQ

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  • Change between MALDI and ESI/nanospray in minutes. Calibrate in ESI and switch to MALDI without recalibration. Sample plates loaded in seconds as there is no waiting for vacuum to be achieved
  • MS-MS and MSn data (if instrumental capabilities permit) from a MALDI source for enhanced sequencing information at a fraction of the cost of a TOF-TOF instrument
  • Robotic control of MALDI targets with CCTV point-and-click visual alignment checking for confidence in operation
  • Imaging acquisition and processing software for MALDI-imaging of tissues and other surfaces
  • Can be fitted to instruments from Thermo, Bruker, Agilent, ABI, Varian and JEOL

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PDF unit with 1 KHz Nd-YAG laser

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  • All solid-state Nd-YAG laser for longer lifetime and stability
  • 200 Hz laser repetition rate for minimum analysis time
  • Software-controlled energy attenuation for enhanced reproducibility
  • 1 KHz repetition rate for MALDI imaging
  • Sub-100 micron spot size for high-resolution imaging
  • Raster or pixel-imaging data capture
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