Atmospheric Pressure Mass Spectrometry

SunCollect MALDI Spotter and Tissue Preparation Device

The SunCollect MALDI spotter from SunChrom (Friedrichsdorf, Germany) is a flexible and extremely accurate fraction-collector and MALDI target-spotter. Fractions can be collected from either micro or nano HPLC runs and spotted onto the most common MALDI target plates or microtitre plate wells. Superb precision ensures that there is no contamination between neighbouring spots and all materials are biocompatible. With the use of its precise spraying accessory, the SunCollect is ideal for preparing tissue sections for MALDI imaging.

Spot or collect LC fractions, or prepare tissues for imaging


  • Simultaneous collection of a sample on a microtitre plate and a MALDI target
  • Capability for on-tissue digests making it ideal for MALDI imaging applications - no probe blockages
  • Probe moves from one spot to another in less than 1 second
  • Compact unit 36 x 30 x 26 cm (w,d,h)
  • Holds multiple MALDI target plates or microscope slides
  • Biocompatible - sample is only in contact with PEEK or quartz components


Tissue Preparation for Imaging MALDI

Tissue samples can be easily prepared for MALDI imaging using the SunCollect. The sprayer can handle fresh-frozen or FFPE tissue sections. Enzymes such as trypsin can be applied to the tissue for in situ digestion.